How can Recruitment be done through Facebook?

May 12, 2017

We all have heard enough about recruitment done through social media. But amongst us how many has actively used social media as a medium of recruitment. Recruitment till now largely depends on job portals. Only senior level recruiter or Human Resource professionals go for hunting talents through personal networks. Here we shall discuss in this blog how can Recruitment be done through Facebook. And believe me, it’s very easy, quick and rewarding.

There is no doubt LinkedIn rules in social media recruitment. But when it comes to headhunting passive candidates Facebook can be the best bet. Moreover, today while recruiting a candidate his/her personal profile and lifestyle matters more than professional profile, because along with skills today employers actively judge candidate’s behaviour, attitude,  and personal qualities.

Can you imagine how many traffic Facebook generates per day? Recently Facebook had 1 billion users log in on the one day. According to Katrina Collier (Sourcecon) “That’s a staggering 1/3rd of all Internet users and 2/3rds of their own users all in the one place at the one time.”  With roughly 1 billion daily users, it’s likely that your next hire should easily be fished out from Facebook.

According to Christina Pavlou, in Facebook: “Every 60 seconds, Facebook users update 293,000 statuses and upload 136,000 photos. Facebook also has an increasing number of users, with five new profiles created every second. It’s too big to ignore.”

We have a misconception that Facebook is meant for younger generation only. It’s certainly not. Facebook isn’t just a place to attract millennials but you can attract people across all generations too.  In fact, Facebook has been a melting pot of most people of all age and all demographics.  Its popularity among older users is growing; 56% of people over 65 are active users of Facebook now.

How can Recruitment be done through Facebook?

  1. Forgo the misconceptions: There are various misconceptions about doing recruitment through Facebook. Many recruiters have a notion that they need to first add people before browsing profiles. Many think people may get irritated if they are contacted as it is not a job seeking portal. Others feel if they contact any unknown person they may get blocked by users. All these are vague notions.

2. Use Graph search: You can easily use Facebook Graph Search to find out a massive pool of candidates. Facebook has begun rolling out its Graph Search, pictured, which lets users find specific information about people they are interested in using filters.

Try these searches to get you started (Katrina Collier):

  • People who work at [company] and live in [location]
  • [job title] who work at [company] and live in [location]
  • [job title] who live in [location] are members of groups named “group name”
  • Members of groups named “group name” who live in [location]
  • [job title] who like [company or skill]
  • People who study [course] at [university] / People who studied [course] at [university]
  • People who checked in at [café, restaurant, pub near your competition?]
  • You’ll find you need to swap ‘who’ and ‘and’ around too, just try different things.


3. Do research about different groups on Facebook: This is a vast fishing pond for passive candidates. There are innumerable groups at Facebook where like-minded people actively interact on a regular basis. While you are recruiting it’s a good option to find out the group which will save time searching for candidates, as the candidate in groups mostly shares similar qualifications.

4. Post Job Ads on Facebook (and it’s free!!! until you choose to boost the post): Facebook is a nice option to post job ads and it’s free until you boost the post. I have used this feature a have got good results. If you can do company branding through it because it allows you to open a company page and if you post regularly about vacancies, visitors do flock in.

Role-fitment in recruitment is not easy. Instead of spending too much time on doing recruitment through expensive job portals try doing Recruitment through Facebook, and believe me it’s very rewarding. Later we shall discuss more technical issues about recruitment through Facebook, till then please post your comments below and let us know do you have any tricks under your sleeves about social media recruitment.

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