Employee survey boosts work-life balance among today’s employees

May 8, 2017

Employee survey boosts work-life balance among today’s employees. Maintaining work-life balance was a burning issue among employees in past also. But today though the problem remains the same but the roots of the problem differ. Gen-X, gen-Y and millennial employees have a different outlook on life and career. The best the human resource professionals can do is to conduct periodically various employee surveys, to boost work-life balance among today’s employees, in their organization.

But before telling you how employee surveys can boost work-life balance; let me explain how the situations have changed in working conditions and the outlook towards life among employees today.

How have situations changed in working conditions? Today we live in a fast paced life where the world has become a global village. Employees of a single MNC can live from other employees 5-8 time zones away. Today MNC’s global outreach has ensured their employees around the globe don’t sleep anytime. I mean maybe when an employee of one country is leaving office employees of other countries of the same company may have just checked in.

Technological innovation and the rapid pace of development in information technology have ensured employees are connected with colleagues and customers 24x7.  Stiff competition among companies has created stress among employees. Companies are asking their employees to work longer hours.

Today due to certain sociological changes employees demand greater flexibility from managers. Gen-X, Gen-Y and millennial employees are more serious about their jobs but they are not ready to sacrifice their demand for leisure hours also. They are willing to work hard provided they are allowed to party harder.

Moreover today most of the couples are dual career couples. As both the couples are working it becomes very difficult for them to keep their commitment towards spouses, child, parents and friends. Thus the demand for flexi-time work schedules has risen among employees. Moreover, many employees are asking for other alternative options like working from home.

Now how Employee survey boosts work-life balance among today’s employees?

Now there cannot be any single solution to tackle this scenario. Every MNC doesn’t share a common type of workforce diversity. And the socio-cultural mindset of employees varies from countries to countries. To understand what employees exactly want and how to boost their work-life balance, as a human resource professional you need to find out what are their motivational, emotional and engagement at work factors are.

There cannot be any other greater tool than periodic employee surveys to understand what individual employees want, how they are motivated or how they are affected emotionally. Now employee surveys have a vast range. Different work surveys like onboarding, employee engagement, driving factors, work emotions, work conditions, training needs, retention and many other important things that matter can help you gauge what affects your employees’ productivity.

There cannot be any universal solution to solve the problem of work-life balance and as HR manager you need to find what the ethnic and socio-cultural issues are which is destabilizing the balance of work-life. Today many of the employees across the Globe are unhappy and disengaged at work. Till last decade employees used to leave the job because of sore relationship with their managers but today they leave the job due to job-related pressure and stretched out working hours.

Today’s workforce demands quality of life and as an HR manager if you fail to provide better working conditions you cannot attract the right talent pool. Among freshers and in campus recruitment also you shall find students are equally concerned about “life” and “work”. If you need to strike the right chord and provide work-life balance to your employees, then you need to conduct different employee surveys periodically among employees. Many studies have found employee survey boosts work-life balance among today’s employees.

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