4 advantages of competency based interviews which helps in the recruitment

Apr 6, 2017

Competency based interviews have certain advantages over traditional face-to-face interviews. You can use competency based interviews in your selection procedures to reduce the cost of wrong recruitment or bad hires. Here we would discuss 4 advantages of competency based interviews, and let us know if they have added any value in your selection procedures.
It would be a great mistake if you as an HR Manager start thinking that this type of interviews is new approach in HRM. It’s a common mistake. The objective of classic intuition-led interviews and today’s behavioural based interviews has remained the same. Jeff Tavangar in a blog points five key elements of an objective interview will keep you on the right track during your candidate search.


Those five key elements are:
1. Create a Checklist
2. Outline Your Expectations
3. Categorize Your Questions
4. Use a Scoring System
5. Rank Each Candidate


Now, these objectives of classic face to face interviews will meet the enhanced degree of objectivity, consistency, clarity and consensus among your managers if this is done with competency based interviews.

4 advantages of competency based interviews in nutshell:
4 obvious advantages of competency based interview and selection:
A) Ensures greater objectivity
B) Consistency in Hiring decisions
C) Ensures hiring decisions are consensus based
D) Creates clarity and removes personal bias in hiring decisions


A. Ensures greater objectivity:

Competency based interviews address the primary concern of interviewers. That is ensuring much fairer objectivity. Most of the behavioural interviews ask questions which have groundings in behavioural research. So every competency based interview questions ensure objectivity by negating perceptive bias of both the interviewer and the interviewee.
B. Consistency in Hiring decisions:

The consistency in hiring decisions in these types of interviews is much better. Cloud-based assessments which use competency-based behavioral questionnaires ensures this. The test report shows:
1. The answer pattern of candidates (genuine, social desirability, central tendency, acquiescence)
2. His/her predominant behavioural traits
And as the parameters of questionnaires are same to every candidate, you establish consistency in assessment procedures. Your decision would be multilaterally consistent, as for every judgment of yours; – you have to provide scientifically valid judgments.

C. Ensures hiring decisions are consensus based:

Most of the competency based interviews helps to make collective hiring decisions which should be consensual. The assessments reports encourage fair and objective analysis and judgment, thus it ensures every opinion in decision making is competency focused.
D) Creates clarity and removes personal bias in hiring decisions:

This is the end result of the whole process. The total selection process concentrates on the commitment of bringing clarity in selection and recruitment procedures. Competency-based approach negates gut feelings from any party’s ends. The candidate cannot suppress his behavioural traits. A single person in the interview panel cannot overpower the hiring decision. As everyone is equally responsible for the final decision, everybody gives importance to a fair decision-making process. The HR or hiring manager is empowered with a multi-level balanced opinion. And as the whole process is documented and digitized – it creates clarity.
These are the 4 advantages of competency based interviews. We would love to hear your views on this topic. Please leave your comments below.

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